Business Models in the Software Industry

Certified solutions

Customers are looking for minimizing their integration cost in a heterogeneous landscape of software solutions. To proof that the integration between two software solution exists and has some level of quality, software vendors are offering certification programs. Certification allows competition between software partners to keep prices low while certification increases integration quality.

The software vendor provides certification services for a certification fee and logo usage to software companies. Software companies sell their software to customers. No revenue share is paid to the software vendor.

Business Model Canvas for Certification

The value proposition contains the following values:

  • Reduced development cost and time for integrating solutions since the integration already works based on the certifiable interface.

  • Quality products are being integrated to avoid that customer value is destroyed by bad quality.

  • Partners that get certified on an interface create value for the company that offers the interface on their solutions because the solution scope is extended by the partner products.


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