Business Models in the Software Industry

Appstores - online marketplaces for partner products

Appstore description

Large software or device vendors usually offer an Appstore. Customers of the Appstore gather there to look for complementing solutions from partners. Partners have the opportunity to advertise partner solutions exactly where customers are looking for the solutions.

Business model canvas for appstores

The value proposition of the marketplace for the partner contains two items. The first value proposition is access to the customer base of the appstore provider as well as to other partners and other visitors of the marketplace. The second value proposition is the additional revenue the partner can get from selling to the customers of the appstore provider.

Customer relationships: the software vendor has to care for the referral relationship to the partner and the customer. The partner might get engaged with customer segments containing customers of the software vendor, prospects of the software vendor, other partners of the software vendors visiting the marketplace and other visitors of the marketplace as well.

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ISBN: 3732243818


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